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Cornelia Schleime

“When it comes to love and art, I know exactly what I want."
Cornelia Schleime is one of the most prolific and multi-talented artists working today. She uses music, painting, drawings, collages, performances, poetry, film and photography in her art practice. Her works are cheerful, thoughtful, critical, humorous and always to the point
This publication documents examples of her work; the majority of these are being shown for the first time and demonstrate unexpected facets of her early art practice.
This includes her Stasi series, which is being presented for the first time in its entirety here. The spy files of the Ministry for State Security have been reworked as photographic collages in an ironic, humorous and yet thoughtful way. Excerpts from Schleime’s many illustrated travel journals, documentations of her films and performances – interspersed with lyrical fragments, poetry, statements and private photographs of the artist – also provide very personal impressions.

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"Cornelia Schleime"

April 2010

ISBN 978-3-86678-403-1

16,70 x 23,50 cm

264 Pages

277 colored and 20 b/w illustrations


Languages: German

Kerber Verlag

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