Axel Grünewald looks at the edges of the present. For more than five years, he has repeatedly traveled through the coastal regions of Morocco and southern Spain, to the continental border between Europe and Africa.

Daniel Spoerri

Coincidence as Master, Der Zufall als Meister,
Motto of this publication is "Coincidence as Master": Coincidence is Daniel Spoerri’s friend, it helps him when he wants to make art, it helps him along when his phantasy threatens to slacken. Coincidence provides material which he just needs for his collages, montages, assemblages.
In a word: Without coincidence he would be lost, "his matter" would be placed on nothing.
For Daniel Spoerri coincidence tells stories, which he passes on in an artistic way. Generally, however, he does not tell stories in words, but in paintings by means of the things that constitute his paintings. These are picture stories, sometimes even very incredible stories, this makes up their appeal and causes the magic which makes them attractive.
All that Daniel Spoerri does is an attempt to collect the scattered traces of life in things and to bring them together again like a family.

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"Daniel Spoerri"

ISBN 978-3-936646-24-5

26,50 x 21,50 cm

152 Pages

100 colored and 15 b/w illustrations

Hardcover, bound


Thomas Levy, Galerie Levy, Hamburg
Text by
Wieland Schmied

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