At a time when blank spots have by and large disappeared from maps, “wilderness” has returned in art. The Schirn Kunsthalle Frankfurt has dedicated an extensive theme-based exhibition to this recurring fascination.


The Friendship between Franz Mon and Carlfriedrich Claus

Correspondence 1959-1997
In 1959, the artist Carlfriedrich Claus (1930–1998) and the writer Franz Mon (born 1926) began an intensive correspondence that was to last for nearly forty years. The 320 letters published here are flanked by samples of their work, photographs, excerpts from books and commentaries explaining the larger context. Considerable space is accorded to the artists’ reflections on each other’s work and subtle interpretations of it.
This extraordinary exchange of letters sheds a very personal and at the same time fascinating light both on the various currents that the friends themselves witnessed and on each artist’s own oeuvre.

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"The Friendship between Franz Mon and Carlfriedrich Claus"

ISBN 978-3-86678-830-5

24,50 x 31,50 cm

248 Pages

126 colored and 9 b/w illustrations

Hardcover, bound

Languages: German


Ingrid Mössinger, Brigitta Milde

with the complete exchange of letters between Carlfriedrich Claus and Franz Mon

Franz Mon, Brigitta Milde

graphic design
Klaus-Peter Plehn, Kerber Verlag, Bielefeld

Exhibition: Chemnitz, „Franz Mon – Carlfriedrich Claus“, 22.9. – 17.11.2013,  Kunstsammlungen Chemnitz