“Things can only be diverse and should be diverse,” wrote Donald Judd in 1964 about the art scene in New York, and hence rejected a one-dimensional ordering of art history in favor of an open encounter with works of art.

Esperanza Spierling

Beyond the Picture
„Spierling’s interior views of libraries, coliseums, entrance halls, swimming baths and waiting rooms are locations of public life, characterised by anonymity and functionality, signified by fleetingness and bleakness. These places, constructed for mass usage, communicate emptiness and meanings far beyond familiar experience with spatial surroundings like these. Precisely because this blind spot is not perceived in everyday life, Spierling seeks the beauty of this void, her work seizes the specific statement of the alleged nothing. <...> Her pictures act not only as a verification of what is already visible; they provide an added value, an abundance of meanings, images and stories.” Paolo Bianchi

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"Esperanza Spierling"

February 2008

ISBN 978-3-86678-149-8

27,00 x 23,50 cm

70 Pages

63 colored illustrations

Softcover, bound, without dust-jacket, without slipcase

Languages: German, English

Esperanza Spierling and Torsten Reiter, maerzgalerie, Leipzig
Paolo Bianchi