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Final Cut

Paper Cutouts as a Stand-alone Art Medium
In ‘Final Cut’, seventeen international artists show works in the medium of silhouette or paper cut, a traditional folk art form that took root as an autonomous medium of artistic expression back in the classic modernist period, and which to this day retains its fascination.  Contemporary exploration of this medium is surprisingly eclectic and idiosyncratic. Extensive wall installations and voluminous objects are therefore to be found in this book alongside delicate paper works. Format has long since ceased to be an issue, and makes every artistic position conceptually unique by comparison.

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"Final Cut"

ISBN 978-3-86678-943-2

26,50 x 33,50 cm

88 Pages

34 colored and 10 b/w illustrations

Hardcover with quarter binding, bound, without dust-jacket, without slipcase

Languages: German, English

Paula von Sydow, Sandrine Teuber

Rosanne Altstatt, Antje Buchwald, Barbara Heinrich, Radek Krolzcyk, Ingmar Lähnemann, Georg Lebzelter, Eva Linhart, Annelie Lütgens, Jutta Moster-Hoos, Corinna Otto,  Rik Reinking, Sabine Siebel, Paula von Sydow, Sandrine Teuber, Antje Tietken, Jürgen Weichardt

graphic design
Gerlinde Domininghaus, Oldenburg 
Exhibition: „Final Cut. Papierschnitt als eigenständiges künstlerisches Medium“, 25.1. – 27.4.2014,  Horst-Janssen-Museum, Oldenburg