No Place, nowhere: 5 Years for Conceptual Art

Franz Wanner

The Presumption
Franz Wanner creates a lucid structure of meanings, expectations and deviations in his artistic, cross-media work. He conveys the obviousness of conventional views of contemporary themes, often in a humorous way.
The individual works in this publication create new associations, with numerous illustrations revealing their respective references. Alongside thematic complexes such as "Ballistik des Blicks" (Ballistics of the Gaze) or "Spektakel im Jenseits" (Spectacle on the Other Side ), a narrative unfurls, which extends beyond a monographic representation of linearly arranged works of art.

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"Franz Wanner"

August 2011

ISBN 978-3-86678-583-0

21,50 x 26,00 cm

148 Pages

144 colored and 33 b/w illustrations

Hardcover, bound

Languages: German, English

Franz Wanner
Text by
Babylonia Constantinides, Michael Hirsch, Tobias Hülswitt, Res Ingold, Johannes Vogt
Design by
Sergio Magallanes, Grafik Agentur DEED, München
Exhibition „Final Proof“, 10 September to 7 October 2011, Galerie der Künstler, Munich

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