Friedrich Einhoff

Faksimile. Collector's Edition
A total of 300 copies of this Collector’s Edition have been published. Each hand- coloured facsimile print (format 16 x 23 cm) is signed and numbered by the artist. An accompanying catalogue is supplied with this edition. Each individual print is unique. The exemplar you receive may not resemble the one pictured here.

It is the human figure, its formal reduction and expression that forms one core of Friedrich Einhoff’s work: equally important are elements that are not immediately representational.
Einhoff’s inspirations from the history of painting and other sources, like photographs from newspapers and magazines, are barely perceptible in the visual results Them motif – the figure – is drawn into the process of painting by the art practice of the painter, and is ultimately absorbed.

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"Friedrich Einhoff "

October 2012

16,60 x 24,00 cm

160 Pages


Languages: German, English

Thomas Levy
Text by
Ludwig Seyfarth
Design by

Claas Möller, Hamburg

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