On November 23, 2018, the famous Düsseldorf gallery owner Alfred Schmela would have celebrated his hundredth birthday. To mark this occasion, the Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen is organizing an exhibition that shows the wide-ranging network of this “pioneer of the avant-garde.”

Friendly Fire

The artists Stefan Demary, Euan Macdonald, Max Grueter, Ben Morieson and Roman Signer are represented in videos, drawings and installations concentrating on subjects as (self-) destruction, absurdity, borderline experience and paradoxes.
Friendly Fire, a military term, means the inadvertent attack of units by their own units. The term is euphemistic and cynical at the same time. As such, he is suitable in outstanding way to subsume hardly comprehensible, paradoxical circumstances under one slogan.
"Friendly Fire” is about a development to a technical perfection, that includes both: the possibilities of success and of complete disaster at the same time; it is about horribly undesirable developments, that we never thought off when planning the good, turning into bad.

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"Friendly Fire"

ISBN 978-3-936646-53-5

16,50 x 24,00 cm

80 Pages

50 colored illustrations

Hardcover, bound, without dust-jacket, without slipcase

Languages: German, English

Pfalzgalerie Kaiserlautern

Britta E. Buhlmann
and Leonhard Emmerling
The illustrated book was published on the occasion of the exhibition "Friendly Fire", Pfalzgalerie Kaiserlautern, 2004.