Three Sisters,

Three Decades,

One City



An Installation in 15 Rooms by Saskia Boddeke and Peter Greenaway (German)
The story of the Patriarch Abraham, who is prepared to sacrifice his son on God's command, is one of the Bible's most controversial episodes and is interpreted differently by Judaism, Christianity and Islam. The film maker Peter Greenaway and the multimedia artist Saskia Boddeke approach this theme artistically by combining painting, sculpture and ritual object with film, sound installation and projection in an exhibition for the Jewish Museum Berlin. The colourful artist's book, with the accompanying volume of texts, supplements and illustrates the stories of Abraham, Isaac and Ishmael told in the exhibition of the same name.

I'm Isaac / I'm Ishmael ©Project by: Saskia Boddeke & Peter Greenaway


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ISBN 978-3-7356-0067-7

23,00 x 29,00 cm

156 Pages

83 colored and 9 b/w illustrations

Softcover with flaps, paper back

two language editions

Languages: German

Peter Greenaway, Margret Kampmeyer and Cilly Kugelmann, Stiftung Jüdisches Museum Berlin
Text by
Omri Boehm, Margret Kampmeyer, Cilly Kugelmann among others
Design by
Peter Greenaway, Jacobine van de Kamp (artist’s book); e o t . essays on typography (text book)
Exhibition: “Gehorsam. An exhibition by Saskia Boddeke and Peter Greenaway”, 22.5.2015 – 15.11.2015

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