Touch Me captures scenes in dance courses, amusement parks and cruise ships in Sweden. In all these places people gather to dance to “dansbandsmusik” (Swedish for dance band music). 


Gereon Krebber

The sculptures of Gereon Krebber raise a lot of questions. ‘What is it?’ for one, ‘What is it made from?’ Somehow, our interaction, our wondering about what we’re supposed to make of it and how we are to move around the often gigantic thing adds us into its ultimate meaning. Krebber’s sculptures often don’t make enough space for you, have to be squeezed past, seem to ignore you but say with a shrug ‘I’m here, I’m big, deal with it.’ He makes works that may remind us of something – a cloud, a giant button, a slice of something or other, but whose definition is allusive and which are not symbolic of anything. Krebber constructs his sculptures and installations using day to day materials. Whatever the material it is, it is always transformed from its original function and in its final form it is not always immediately apparent what you are looking at. Thereby Krebber’s works alter and redefine the space and architecture in which they sit.

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"Gereon Krebber"

January 2009

ISBN 978-3-86678-250-1

23,00 x 17,00 cm

120 Pages

105 colored illustrations

Hardcover, bound

Languages: German, English

Museum Goch, in Kooperation mit dem Kunsthaus Essen und dem Kunstverein Leverkusen

Text by
Stephan Mann, Uwe Schramm, Susanne Wedewer
The illustrated book was published belated the exhibition „Gereon Krebber. Sorrysorrysosorry“, 2008, Museum Goch.

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