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Hamster Hipster Handy

Stories about Mobiles
“Hamster Hipster Handy” is a collection of contributions from contemporary art, design, everyday culture and popular media on the theme of how we use our mobiles. This book uses images and short texts to tell stories about mobiles, which have become one of the most important items in the contemporary individual‘s inventory of possessions. As a key object, it lies at the centre of our networked material world and testifies to a fundamental shift in the way we live. As an instrument that is used, for instance, for sharing images and videos of things in our material world on social networks, the mobile is also an object that has created new ways of doing things.

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"Hamster Hipster Handy"

May 2015

ISBN 978-3-7356-0118-6

21,30 x 27,60 cm

112 Pages

136 colored and 5 b/w illustrations

Softcover, bound

Languages: German, English

Eleni Blechinger, Katja Gunkel, Jelena Jazo, Birgit Richard, Alexander Tilgner, Harry Wolff
Text by
Moritz Baßler, Simon Bieling, Heinz Drügh, Melanie Horn, Jelena Jazo, Annemarie Opp, Birgit Richard, Alexander Tilgner, Wolfgang Ulrich, Antonia Wagner, Harry Wolff
Design by
Polina Bazir, Bielefeld
Exhibition: „Hamster Hipster Handy. Im Bann des Mobiltelefons“, 25.4. – 5.7.2015, Museum Angewandte Kunst, Frankfurt am Main