Poetry under extreme Conditions

Herbert Golser

Changing Shape
The sculptor Herbert Golser works with nature between the poles of the grown and the constructed. The interplay of naturally occurring and technical materials is essential for how his sculptures take shape, so that wood, stone, and metal quasi “come to bloom” in his works. In its three chapters—Tree, Rock, Transform—the book presents Golser’s astonishing work, including for the first time his works in public space as well. This is supplemented with texts by numerous authors who have accompanied his work over the past two decades.

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"Herbert Golser"

July 2019

ISBN 978-3-7356-0611-2

24 x 28 cm

ca. 176 Pages

148 colored and 28 b/w illustrations


Languages: German, English

Galerie Frey / Galerie Rosenfeld Porcini
Text by
Silvie Aigner, Carl Aigner, Katharina Blaas, Martina Berger-Klingler, Herbert Golser, Christine Humpl-Mazegger, Martin Hochleitner, Cornelia Offergeld, Günther Oberhollenzer, Burghart Schmidt, Andreas Steinwendtner
Design by
Dennis de Kort, Salzburg
Herbert Golser – Formwandeln, Galerie Frey, Salzburg: Juli–August 2019