Berghain, Childhood Myths and Chansons

Heribert Heere

Schönheiten. Ein Künstlerbuch
The paintings, watercolors, and collages of the Munich-based artist Heribert Heere (*1948) are expeditions into an “artistic paradise” of historical and contemporary notions of beauty. From antiquity to the present, poems, myths, and popular culture have provided the motifs that inspire him to create glamorous, demonic, erotic, philosophical, or religious excursuses on all the facets of the beautiful. For Heere, beauty is thus a utopian occurrence that can be propitious and radiant, but also deceptive and disillusioning at the same moment.

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"Heribert Heere"

June 2019

ISBN 978-3-7356-0598-6

18 x 25 cm

224 Pages

104 colored and 7 b/w illustrations

Softcover with flaps

Languages: German

Text by
Heribert Heere
Design by
Olga Funk, Cologne