Does the Bauhaus still contribute to further developments in photographic pictorial languages? What role does the avant-garde photography play for contemporary artists today? At the center of Bauhaus and Photography is the reconstruction of László Moholy-Nagy’s photography-section at the legendary 1929–1930 Werkbund-exhibition Film und Foto (Film and Photo).

Imperial Pomp

Post-Soviet High-Rise
Frank Herfort travelled all over Russia for a photographic project that lasted several years, following the ideas of architectural photography and taking pictures of skyscrapers that had been quickly built after the collapse of the Soviet Union. The force and magnitude of these buildings appears bizarre, pompous and exotic; equally they evoke larger-than-life Soviet memorials. They express a longing for lost greatness and the ambition to go one better.
Contextual contradictions however add another completely different grace note: the Russian residential buildings and faded idylls around the new constructions introduce a second level of meaning to the images, which poses questions and raises enigmas.

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"Imperial Pomp"

ISBN 978-3-86678-798-8

24,30 x 32,30 cm

176 Pages

100 colored illustrations

Hardcover, bound, with dust-jacket, without slipcase

mit Goldprägung

Languages: German, English

Frank Herfort

Irina Korobina, Matthias Schepp

graphic design
Martin Sebald, Berlin
Exhibition: „Imperial Pomp“, 9.4. – 17.5.2013,  f75 fotogalerie, Stuttgart, Herbst 2013, Shchusev State Museum of Architecture, Moskau