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Jan Muche

Tribüne. Collector's Edition
The Collector´s Edition Tribüne contains 30 silkscreen prints (40 x 50 cm), each one signed by the artist and delivered in a portfolio case with a copy of the companion book, Der Grund (The reason).

Jan Muche is a great recycler of modern visual refuse. He gaily spoils his looted motifs in his paintings: figures, architecture, newspaper clippings, photographs, quotes, advertising slogans. His art is said to have an “affinity to architecture,” but it is in fact abstract. Using colors and patterns, Muche distorts his sources so much that they are no longer recognizable.

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"Jan Muche"

24,00 x 30,00 cm

102 Pages


Languages: German, English

Christian Malycha
Text by
Klaus Theweleit, Henrik Lakeberg
Design by
Susanne Bax

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