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Jochen Stenschke

Collector's Edition
This Collector´s Edition includes a drawing (size 27 × 25 cm), signed by the artist and the book "In einem Nu". The edition is limited to 15 copies (book + drawing).

Abstract signs and symbols, in connection with painting and drawing, adapt and fix the content of human existence in the works of Jochen Stenschke. When language can no longer apprehend the factual, then an illusory world of imagination – of the indefinite, the puzzling, the absent and the ambiguous – begins. The visual vocabulary of Jochen Stenschke evokes complexities that go well beyond the capacity of verbal formulations to carry meaning.

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"Jochen Stenschke"

June 2008

28,00 x 29,00 cm

96 Pages


Languages: German, English

Jutta Meyer zu Riemsloh
Jutta Meyer zu Riemsloh

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