At a time when blank spots have by and large disappeared from maps, “wilderness” has returned in art. The Schirn Kunsthalle Frankfurt has dedicated an extensive theme-based exhibition to this recurring fascination.


Johannes Brus

In Duisburg

The catalogue features both new and old works by the sculptor Johannes Brus. The book is published in 2016 on the occasion of his exhibitions "Probe zu: Tanzen für Brancusi" in the Lehmbruck Museum and "Einerlei wo außerhalb der Welt" in DKM in Duisburg, both of which focus on Brus' longstanding interest in Constantin Brancusi, one of Modernism's most important sculptors. While Brancusi sought the way to the perfect form in Abstraction, Brus transfers the ideal form into a figure again. This figurative approach gives the artist a special position in the history of sculpture. In the 1980s, the era of Minimalism, Brus adhered to figurative representation and developed his own style. The result is audacious sculptures, which are once again topical today. 

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"Johannes Brus"

March 2016

ISBN 978-3-7356-0227-5

21 x 27 cm

136 Pages

78 colored and 7 b/w illustrations

Hardcover, bound

Languages: German, English

Söke Dinkla, Michael Krajewski (WLM), with the participation of Dirk Krämer and Klaus Maas (DKM)
Text by
Söke Dinkla, Hans-Günter Golinski, Jochen Hörisch, Michael Krajewski, Thomas Krützberg, Thomas Lange, Sören Link
Design by
Andreas Tetzlaff, probsteibooks, Köln
This publication is being published to accompany the exhibitions : "JOHANNES BRUS. PROBE ZU: TANZEN FÜR BRANCUSI" March 16 – May 16, 2016, Lehmbruck Museum Duisburg
and "JOHANNES BRUS. EINERLEI WO AUSSERHALB DER WELT" March 19 – September 4, 2016, Museum DKM Duisburg

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