The State of North Rhine-Westphalia acquired the impressive art collection of Konrad Fischer and his wife, comprising 250 works by some thirty-five artists, as well as the gallery archive, for the Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen at the beginning of 2014. The exhibition catalogue now provides a summary of Konrad Fischer’s significant life’s work.

Judy Millar

The alignment of Judy Millar‘s thinking with the theme of this Biennale, Making worlds, is as
uncanny as her painted (and sculpted) installation. She ‘takes over’ the interior of La Maddalena, a circular church in Cannaregio – indeed, there is a sense in which her site literally becomes her canvas. A centrally-placed painting in the round will bulge and intrude into the viewer’s space in three dimensions. Other oddly-shaped canvasses lean against the walls, stretching their elongated necks to the ceiling, making obvious
their temporary placement in Venice. In addition to the tensions between notions of inside and
outside, large and small, the hand-made and the digitally-reproduced, their provisional relationship
with this place of worship and belief is documented in this catalogue and well explored by Jennifer Gross in her essay in this publication.

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"Judy Millar"

July 2009

ISBN 978-3-86678-313-3

15,00 x 24,00 cm

56 Pages

27 colored illustrations

Softcover with flaps, bound, without dust-jacket, without slipcase

Languages: English

Leonhard Emmerling

preface by
Jenny Harper

Jennifer Gross together with Seymour H. Knox Jr
The illustrated book was published on the occasion of the exhibition „Giraffe – Bottle – Gun “, in the New Zealand Pavilion at the 53rd Venice Biennale, 19 June to 13 September 2009.

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