Fabian Knecht changes patterns of perception and action, transgresses art concepts and power structures, and questions social relations and norms by countering them with strong and provocative images.


Renate Krätschmer und Jörg Schwarzenberger
The Viennese action and installation artists Renate Krätschmer (b. 1943) and Jörg Schwarzenberger (1943-2013), together known as the artist duo K.U.SCH., began developing projects and works of art in 1972 that aim to push the boundaries of art. This monograph provides an overview of their work, which blends painting, drawing, film, music, performance and theatre into a spectacular Gesamtkunstwerk (universal artwork). The works, which are often humorously critical of society, immediately and directly link art and life for the viewer.

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November 2014

ISBN 978-3-86678-982-1

21,00 x 26,00 cm

312 Pages

197 colored illustrations

Softcover, bound

Languages: German, English

Alexandra Schantl
Text by
Linda Christanell, Bodo Hell