Dale Grant’s Fading Beauty is a collection of photographs capturing the distinctive features which flowers display during their life cycle.

Kerstin Vornmoor

Lost Places

Kerstin Vornmoor’s art is based on drawings that she already in part completed years ago. Faces, forms, and ornaments appear again and again in different contexts. They fill the space: reproduced, joined together hundredfold, and mounted on fabric panels. Ornamental forms make reference to the common features of Western and Oriental art. In the partly large-format oil paintings, painterly and printmaking techniques merge so as to sound out the boundaries between line, area, and space anew. The book presents exhibition and studio views. (Dr. Barbara Uppenkamp)

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"Kerstin Vornmoor"

December 2016

ISBN 978-3-7356-0316-6

23,00 x 28,50 cm

80 Pages

35 colored and 1 b/w illustrations

Hardcover, bound

Languages: German, English

Kunstverein Vechta
Text by
Dr. Barbara Uppenkamp, Melusine Eichhorn, Karin Haenlein, Kerstin Vornmoor
Design by
goldenday grafikdesign, Berlin
Exhibition: Bräuning Contemporary, Hamburg, 12. January – 27. January 2017
Book-Release 12. January 2017, 7 pm, Bräuning Contemporary, Hamburg