Dale Grant’s Fading Beauty is a collection of photographs capturing the distinctive features which flowers display during their life cycle.

Kindheit unter den Eichen

Oksana Kyzymchuk

Einblicke in die Geschichte eines ukrainischen Dorfes

The photographs of the artist Oksana Kyzymchuk seem immediate, unadorned, and direct. The photo book documents the dense social fabric of a culture shaped by agriculture in provincial Ukrainian. The focus is above all on images of childhood, in which the universal magic and beauty of being a child emerges. Contemplating and simultaneously remembering, the reader is touched twice at the same time.
The photo book is published in two different editions. A strictly limited one with just 100 copies which includes a DVD with a complementary documentation about the Ukrainian village, produced by the artist. (sold out)

„The formal brilliance of the photos, the wealth of extremely fine modulations in tonal values, and the lighting moods are very striking. A “monument to childhood” in a rapidly changing world — what a beautiful, strong self-will detached from the relevance criteria of the spirit of the times. The enclosed DVD explores the sound space connected with the world of images that Oksana Guizot presents.“ (Ulrich Namislow, bestselling author and professor of book design)

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"Kindheit unter den Eichen"

October 2016

ISBN 978-3-7356-0313-5

16,80 x 24,00 cm

208 Pages

151 colored illustrations

Softcover with flaps

Languages: German

Oksana Kyzymchuk
Design by
Oksana Kyzymchuk
3.11.2016 – 3.12.2016 - Exhibition “Kindheit unter den Eichen”, Stadthaus Schwerin.
8.11.2016 - Exhibition “Women in Ukraine”, Frauenzentrum Wolfen, Bitterfeld-Wolfen.
12.11.16 , “Metropolis” on ARTE, "Künstlerportrait Oksana Kyzymchuk. Kindheit unter den Eichen"
18.11.2016 - Book presentation “Kindheit unter den Eichen”, Kulturhaus “Altes Krematorium”
7.12.2016 – 22.04.17 - Exhibition and book presentation, Stadtbibliothek Bad Homburg