England is regarded as the cradle of Pop Art and spawned numerous unusual positions on the phenomenon of the then revolutionary, new art movement.

Thomas Bergner

born 1985 in Plauen
2008 final exam as photographer
2010 graphic design class/ visual communication, Prof. Holger Felten/ Prof. Friederike Girst, AdBK Nürnberg
2011 - 2016 tutorial photography, AdBK Nürnberg
2011 - 2016 fine arts class, Prof. Heike Baranowsky
2012 class of Robert Voit, AdBK Nürnberg
2012 Akademiepreis, AdBK Nürnberg
2013 project in Antalya
2013 class of Robert Voit, AdBK Nürnberg
2014 scholarship of the Free State of Bavaria for the Summer Academy in Salzburg
2015 - 2016 master student of Prof. Heike Baranowsky, AdBK Nürnberg
2016 Graduation Award, AdBK Nürnberg
2016 Debutant Sponsorship of the Free State of Bavaria
since 2016 lectureship photography, AdBK Nürnberg

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