The photographs of the series Kopiec Bonawentura takes its origin from a quote by french author Alfred Jarry from its play Ubu Roi (1896): «Set in Poland, that is to say nowhere.» The photographer Lucas Olivet builds a multiple and transnational answer.

Ilya und Emilia Kabakov


Ilya Kabakov
1933 born in Dnepropetrovsk
1945–1951 studies at the Russian Academy of Arts
1987 emigration from the USSR
lives and works in New York

Emilia Kabakov

1945 born in Dnepropetrovsk
1969–1972 studies at the M. Lomonosov Moscow State University, department of Spanish Language and Literature
1973 departure from USSR
1975 lives and works as curator in New York
since 1989 cooperation with Ilya Kabakov

Ilya und Emilia Kabakov

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