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The new collector's edition by famous British pop-artist Allen Jones.

Meret Oppenheim

In Meret Oppenheimer’s oeuvre we encounter an early pioneer of a wholly imaginative interplay of liberal and applied art. Today the lively, poetical-humorous work still finds resonance in contemporary art through its candour as well as its spiritual and feminine independence.

Publications of the artist

  • Meret Oppenheim
    Kleiner Komet

    Meret Oppenheim
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  • Meret Oppenheim
    Mirrors of the mind

    Meret Oppenheim
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  • Meret Oppenheim
    From Breakfast in Fur and Back Again

    Meret Oppenheim
    29.95 €
    36.78 CHF

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  • Meret’s Sparks
    The contemporary art collection at the Kunstmuseum Bern, part 2

    Meret’s Sparks

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