In the mid-1970s an unusual housing project was built in Vienna. Zara Pfeifer captured its human side for the first time in an expansive series of photographs.

Armin Reumann

For a long time, the work of the Thuringian painter Malers Armin Reumann (1889–1952) survived only a footnote in the history of art. As a contemporary of the Expressionists, Reumann oriented himself on the masters of German Impressionism – Corinth, Liebermann, Slevogt.

1889 born in Sonneberg, Thuringia 
1907 moved to Munich, studies at the Art Academy Munich with Hugo von Habermann and Angelo Jank
since 1910 first exhibitions and work for Herzog duke II. and Ernst von Sachsen-Meiningen
1920 returning to Sonneberg, exhibitions in Gallery Bruno Cassirer, Berlin, in Munich, Weimar and Detroit as well as  participation in the Große Deutsche Kunstausstellung in Munich
1952 died in Sonneberg

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