Dominik Schmitt is a painter and illustrator and also creates filmic works, sculptures, installations, music, and lyric poetry. His confusing, melancholy imagery shows the inside of bodies of animals, human beings, and mysterious hybrid creatures.

Robert Rotar

The motif of the spiral defined the individual and unmistakeable work of the painter Robert Rotar throughout his entire life. As a symbol of the infinite, the primordial and the eternal, it is the key to his work, thought and understanding of the world.

1926 born in Berlin
1947–1949 apprenticeship as carpenter, work as carpenter
1950–1953 Staatliche Kunstschule Bremen, Kölner Werkkunstschule, studies of painting and the design of furnitures and interiors
1953–1973 interior designer and manager in the furniture business, aside artistical works
since 1973 work as freelance painter and photographer, friendships among others with Georg Muche, Thomas Ring, James Lee Byars
1999 died in Düsseldorf

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