Axel Grünewald looks at the edges of the present. For more than five years, he has repeatedly traveled through the coastal regions of Morocco and southern Spain, to the continental border between Europe and Africa.

The Children of Artists

From Runge to Richter, from Dix to Picasso
The childhood development phase became a focus of interest in the 18th century for the first time. The visual arts also began to pay greater attention to the portrait of the child around this time. When a person looks at their own child their gaze is subjective. So does a portrait of their own child therefore differ from that of someone else’s child? This question is addressed in this catalogue, starting with works from around 1900 and moving through the history of art up until today. The catalogue features works of art produced in a wide variety of media – paintings, drawings and photographs – and Marc Chagall, Otto Dix, Marlene Dumas, Käthe Kollwitz, Paula Modersohn-Becker, Pablo Picasso, Marc Quinn, Gerhard Richter and Christian Schad are among the artists represented.

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"The Children of Artists"

September 2012

ISBN 978-3-86678-751-3

23,00 x 30,00 cm

216 Pages

192 colored and 10 b/w illustrations

Hardcover, bound

Languages: German


Frank Schmidt

Johannes Bilstein, Christina Grevenbrock, Katharina Henkel, Gunda Luyken, Lena Nievers, Claudia Ohmert, David Riedel , Frank Schmidt,  Rainer Stamm and Katrin Tölle interview with Clara Dietz, daughter of Arnulf Rainer

graphic design
Andreas Koch, Bielefeld

Exhibition: „Künstlerkinder; von Runge bis Richter, von Dix bis Picassol“, 15.9.2012 – 20.1.2013,  Kunsthalle Emden