At a time when blank spots have by and large disappeared from maps, “wilderness” has returned in art. The Schirn Kunsthalle Frankfurt has dedicated an extensive theme-based exhibition to this recurring fascination.


Martin Mlecko

Les choses de la vie / The Things of Life
In “The Things of Life”, a series of photographs begun in 1993, Martin Mlecko documents a quiet dialogue between him and the objects that surround him in his home and studio.
They represent “mutual experience” or a story: are they the source of an emotional relationship to an inanimate object?

In his black-and-white photographs, portrayed as still lifes, Mlecko creates powerful images that answer this question and allow us to participate in his study of his personal aesthetic relationships. The brief and direct narrative elucidates biographical information, animating the objects.

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"Martin Mlecko"

January 2013

ISBN 978-3-86678-781-0

21,00 x 28,70 cm

224 Pages

110 duplex illustrations

Hardcover, bound

Languages: German, English

Corinna Weidner
Text by
Kay von Keitz, Wolfgang Schöddert
Design by
Petra Horn, Berlin
Exhibition: “The Things of Life”, 2011, Galerie Bourouina, Berlin