Three Sisters,

Three Decades,

One City


Miyuki Tsugami

Uckermark Landscapes
The works of the Japanese artist Miyuki Tsugami are filled with color. One might associate them with either Color Field or abstract painting—the painter, however, calls herself a “landscape painter.” She positions herself in the midst of the landscape in order to paint the essence of what she sees and senses: the season of the year, the particularities of the surroundings, the living environment of the people who reside there, which breathes their history and is a locus of memory for countless lives lived at the same time.

The catalogue, which accompanies the exhibition that is taking place within the framework of the theme year 2015: “preserve—use—shape. Landscapes in Transformation” in the State of Brandenburg in Germany, presents around thirty of her works, sketches and paintings on canvas, principally created during the artist’s time in Berlin and Prenzlau.

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"Miyuki Tsugami"

February 2016

ISBN 978-3-7356-0207-7

19,00 x 25,50 cm

56 Pages

31 colored illustrations

Hardcover, bound

Languages: German, English

Stephan Diller, Miyuki Tsugami
Text by
Katrin Frey, Eri Kawamura, Miyuki Tsugami
Design by
Andreas Rupprecht, Berlin
Exhibition: „Japanische Landschaften – Uckermärkische Landschaften“, 6.6.–13.9.2015, Dominikanerkloster Prenzlau