The photographs of the series Kopiec Bonawentura takes its origin from a quote by french author Alfred Jarry from its play Ubu Roi (1896): «Set in Poland, that is to say nowhere.» The photographer Lucas Olivet builds a multiple and transnational answer.

Norbert Prangenberg

Norbert Prangenberg’s art emerges from a fundamental interaction of hand, eye and material. For decades now, it has manifested itself in a variety of genres – in drawings and in prints, as well as in imaginative sculptures and his unmistakable painting style.
Prangenberg is now exhibiting a completely new series of works – small pictures which he has produced in oil for the first time in several years. This diverse series bears the artist’s characteristic signature. In addition to purely abstract paintings, which play out the relationship of colour and structure, his work also includes pictures dominated by figures: in the structures of abstraction, in the nodes of the material, traces of figuration stand out as a “counterpoint“ to the otherwise purely painterly treatment of the material.

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"Norbert Prangenberg"

February 2010

ISBN 978-3-86678-393-5

21,50 x 27,00 cm

96 Pages

45 colored illustrations

Hardcover, bound

Languages: German, English

Norbert Prangenberg
Text by
Walter Grasskamp
The illustrated book was published on the occasion of the exhibition „Norbert Prangenberg“, 1 April to 8 May 2010, Betty Cuningham Gallery, New York.

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