No Place, nowhere: 5 Years for Conceptual Art

Oleg Kulik

Nihil inhumanum a me alianum puto — Nothing inhuman is alien to me
“Kulik is one of the most radical and profound artists working today. The Russian context — both Soviet and post-Soviet — from which he springs provides a key to an understanding of his motivation, but his message is universal: ‘Anthropomorphism has exhausted itself’”. (Jonathan Watkins, Ikon Gallery, Birmingham). 
This is the first large catalogue after fifteen years of regular outrages. No single artist seemed to have experienced such a storm of criticism, as Oleg Kulik. But few artists have aroused such admiration.

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"Oleg Kulik"

May 2007

ISBN 978-3-86678-045-3

22,00 x 28,00 cm

368 Pages

290 colored and 170 b/w illustrations

Softcover, bound, without dust-jacket, without slipcase

Languages: English, Russian

Alexandra Obukhova
Mila Bredikhina