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Sissa Micheli

On the Process of Shaping an Idea into Form through Mental Modelling

Sissa Michelis’s works are situated at the interface between photography and film. Confusion and staging are the starting point for her works, with their multilayered, epic layers of meaning. She questions the familiar, the everyday, the ostensibly experienced, so as to examine their significance and how they are inscribed.

In her current project, which is documented in this artist’s book, items of clothing are thrown into view in the former textile district of London, with the camera capturing their brief flight. The shutter clicks, a selected moment is arrested and saved. The final form of the textile sculptures, which look so contoured and shaped in the photographs, is influenced by numerous factors. In this process, Sissa Micheli sees a parallel to the materialization of artistic ideas.

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"Sissa Micheli "

December 2016

ISBN 978-3-7356-0347-0

12,00 x 18,00 cm

104 Pages

44 colored illustrations


Languages: English

Sissa Micheli, Galleria Alessandro Casciaro
Sissa Micheli
Design by
Katarina Schildgen, Paul Gasser
Exhibition: SISSA MICHELI. On the Process of Shaping an Idea into Form through Mental Modelling, 3.11.– 9.12.2016, Bildraum O1, Vienna