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Otto Griebel

Verzeichnis seiner Werke

Otto Griebel was one of the most interesting artists of the nineteen-twenties and an important protagonist of Dada and New Objectivity in Dresden. Due to the destruction of a large portion of his oeuvre, after 1945 the artist did not succeed in finding a link to his success prior to the seizure of power by the National Socialists.

Even though his works are not missing from overview exhibitions about the art of the Weimar Republic, Griebel is best known today through the edition of his posthumously published autobiographical text, Ich war ein Mann der Strasse. His multifaceted work has thus never before been presented in context.

With the reconstruction of the lost and destroyed portion of his oeuvre, the catalogue raisonné attempts to provide an overview of Griebel’s work as a whole.

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"Otto Griebel"

February 2017

ISBN 978-3-7356-0270-1

21 x 26 cm

276 Pages

396 colored and 471 b/w illustrations


Languages: German

Gisbert Porstmann, Johannes Schmidt, Städtische Galerie Dresden
Text by
Johannes Schmidt, Mathias Wagner, Hans-Peter Lühr, Lars Rebehn
Design by
Denise Walther, büro heimatstuben
Exhibition: “Otto Griebel”, February 4 – May 7, 2017, Städtische Galerie Dresden