Poetry under extreme Conditions

Petra Flierl

Painting and works on paper
Petra Flierl’s works are dominated by colour and mainly female figures. Both elements compete with one another in motifs, which are taken from media reality or her own personal environment. Flier’s intuitive method of working, which borrows from Picasso, Pollock and Gauguin, means that she usually produces her pictures in one uninterrupted process. The emotional valences of each work are also reflected technically, sometimes in an impasto oil painting, sometimes in a light watercolour. Ultimately, Petra Flierl’s objective is to capture the emotions prevailing in any one moment in her own unique language – alternating between heavy and light, transparent and impenetrable.

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"Petra Flierl"

August 2012

ISBN 978-3-86678-758-2

24,00 x 28,00 cm

120 Pages

196 colored and 6 b/w illustrations

Softcover with flaps, bound

Languages: German


Petra Flierl

Petra Flierl, Matheos Pontikos, Michael Reich, Werner Stötzer

graphic design
Michael de Maizière, Berlin

Exhibition: group show “Petra Flierl, Martin Colden, Marc Gröszer, Michael Reich”, March–May 2013, Kunsthalle Wittenhagen