The paintings of the young artist Ina Gerken oscillate between abstraction and graphic techniques and hence develop a very special, haptic quality.

Pitt Sauerwein

Private Tourism
Pitt Sauerwein’s main area of interest is staged photography. Her photographic works record moments from her own absurd everyday reality, portraying herself and her family, relations and friends in private and public settings. In the reenactment, these seemingly randomly captured moments from everyday life are actually the results of precise experimental setups in which the documentary and the staging aspects blend into one another. The delayed-action shutter release reveals that the randomness is staged. This artist book shows selected works from the years 1999 to 2015.

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"Pitt Sauerwein"

July 2015

ISBN 978-3-7356-0007-3

24,60 x 24,60 cm

200 Pages

137 colored illustrations

Hardcover with clothbound, bound, with dust-jacket

Languages: German, English

Pitt Sauerwein
Text by
Belinda Grace Gardner, Ludwig Seyfarth
Design by
Claas Möller, Pitt Sauerwein