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The focus of our program is on contemporary art. Besides artists of international standing, here, you can also discover many young positions, frequently first publications of aspiring artists on their way to international recognition. In addition, topics of classical modernism and art history are an integral component of our engagement as a publisher.

Here, you find unique artist monographs, exhibition and collection catalogues as well as catalogue raisonnés, which are created in close cooperation with artists, museums, collectors, and galleries

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  1. Petra Sterry
    In her drawings and text-based works, Petra Sterry explores psychological sensitivities, spontaneous impressions, and rationalized feelings. Read More

  2. Creatures made to Measure
    Animals have always been accompanied people—whether as food, labor, or social companions. Read More

    In 2013 Barbara and Axel Haubrok established the FAHRBEREITSCHAFT on the premises of the former motor pool of the SED for their outstanding collection of international conceptual art. Read More

  4. Paco Knöller
    Paco Knöller is one of today’s most renowned “painter-draftsmen”. Read More

  5. René Hüls
    Opera aperta, open artwork: in his work, the sculptor and conceptual artist René Hüls skillfully juxtaposes sociopolitical questions with the situation of the individual affected by them. Read More

  6. Local Histories

    „Things can only be diverse and should be diverse“, schreibt Donald Judd 1964 über die New Yorker Kunstszene und wendet damit sich gegen eine eindimensionale kunsthistorische Ordnung zugunsten einer offenen Begegnung mit Kunstwerken.

    Read More

  7. Local Histories
    “Things can only be diverse and should be diverse,” wrote Donald Judd in 1964 about the art scene in New York, and hence rejected a one-dimensional ordering of art history in favor of an open encounter with works of art. Read More

  8. Franz Radziwill
    Der Maler Franz Radziwill (1895-1983) gilt international als bedeutender Vertreter des Magischen Realismus. 1923 ließ er sich in Dangast am Jadebusen nieder und schuf dort den Großteil seiner über 800 Ölgemälde. Read More

  9. Jutta Haeckel
    In her works, the artist Jutta Haeckel (*1972) from Düsseldorf occupies herself with the principles of cycles of growth. Her pictures call to mind depictions of nature as well as reflections or the courses of rivers, but without spatial points of orientation. Read More

  10. POW & UP – Galerie Wedding, Berlin
    With the program “POW—Post-Otherness-Wedding,” the curators Bonaventure Soh Bejeng Ndikung and Solvej Helweg Ovesen initiated a series of exhibitions and discourses at the Galerie Wedding to which artists and scholars living in Berlin were invited to present contemporary positions. Read More

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Set Ascending Direction

21-30 of 1207