“Things can only be diverse and should be diverse,” wrote Donald Judd in 1964 about the art scene in New York, and hence rejected a one-dimensional ordering of art history in favor of an open encounter with works of art.

Collector's Editions

We offer art lovers and collectors exclusive special editions of selected books with original works or exclusive prints.

We want to give you the opportunity to acquire unique editions, created in close collaboration with the artists. These high quality pieces have proved to be the first step towards large private collections on a number of occasions already.         

Collector's Editions are published in small and strictly limited numbers, and are created especially for our publishing house. These signed pieces will be securely packaged and delivered directly from us to you.

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  1. André Butzer
    ANDRÉ BUTZER: WORKS ON PAPER 2001–2019 has also been published as an exclusive COLLECTOR’S EDITION including a limited offset lithograph: Read More

  2. Werner Berges
    Additionally, this book is being published as an exclusive COLLECTOR’S EDITIONS with a limited offset-lithography, edited by the estate. Read More

  3. August Eriksson
    Night after night, a Japanese monk walked around Mount Hiei in order to empty his conscious mind and transform into a ›living Buddha‹. Read More

  4. James White
    James White occupies himself with widely over-looked aspects of day-to-day life. Based on personal photographs, the tranquil domestic scenes and seemingly insignificant details he re-enacts in his paintings constantly hint at an unseen human presence – thus giving the impression that something has just happened or is about to happen. Read More

  5. Tom Hegen
    In his aerial photographs Tom Hegen presents impressive vistas of landscapes and invite the viewer to a stunning change of perspectives. Read More

  6. Werner Berges Collector's Edition
    Anlässlich der Herausgabe seines Katalogs 100+ erscheint diese exklusive Collector’s Edition von Werner Berges. Die auf 15 + 84 AP pro Motiv limitierte Edition wurde vom Künstler nummeriert und signiert. Jede Edition besteht aus einem je einer Offsetlithografie (23 x 15,3 cm) und dem Katalog 100+. Read More

  7. Douglas Gordon
    Diese Edition besteht aus einer nummerierten und signierten Kartoffel aus Bronze (ca. 10,5 cm x 6,0 cm x 5,0 cm) und dem Buch I HAD NOWHERE TO GO von Douglas Gordon. Read More

  8. Dieter Huber

    Diese Collector's Edition erscheint mit einem beschossenen Alu-Dibond Deckel. Die Edition ist in einer Auflage von 11 + 22 AP erschienen. 

    Read More

  9. Walter Vogel. Ewa Eva. Fotografien 1970–2014
    Diese Collector's Edition besteht aus einem Buch Ewa Eva und je einem der vier Motive, signiert und nummeriert in einer streng limitierten Auflage von jeweils 15 pro Motiv (3 Motive zu je 17 cm x 25,7 cm auf 21 cm x 29,7 cm und 1 Motiv zu 17 cm x 20,3 cm auf 21 cm x 24,3 cm). Read More
  10. Ville Lenkkeri
    A Collector's Edition of four images all signed and numbered by Ville Lenkkeri has been published. Each image is limited to 10 + 10 AP. Each edition consists of one print and the book The Petrified Forest. Read More

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