50 Jahre Künstlerhaus Lydda
The Künstlerhaus Lydda opened its first exhibition on December 6, 1969, and soon became an important cultural institution in Bethel and Bielefeld as well as in the broader region. The Künstlerhaus is celebrating its fiftieth anniversary with an extensive exhibition on December 6, 2019. The big anniversary book, Innenlicht (Inner Light), traces the development of the Künstlerhaus over five decades, presents important works, and gives the artists themselves a chance to have their say. Numerous authors also tell of their impressions and encounters at this special venue.
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December 2019

ISBN 978-3-7356-0621-1

24 x 30 cm

ca. 352 Pages


Languages: German

Jürgen Heinrich, Merit Böger, Stiftung Bethel
Text by
Friederike Fast, Carine Fol u.a.
Design by
Roman Girsikorn, Bielefeld
Innenlicht – 50 Jahre Künstlerhaus Lydda, Galerie Lydda, Bielefeld: 6.12.2019