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Since 1985 Kerber Verlag's goal has been to publish distinctive books of high calibre on the subject of art. We work closely with international artists and museums with the aim of publishing a wide spectrum of books on fine art and photography, both monographs and thematic works beginning in the 19th century, moving through classical modern art right up to the cutting-edge works of today.

Our list also contains publications focussing on art history and cultural history; our series CULTURE/ART HISTORY, for example, publishes interdisciplinary issues into the intersecting and sometimes conflicting fields of art, culture and science. The medium of painting is not the main concern here; instead the theoretical examination of art in all its facets is the subject of investigation.

We are particularly interested in promoting young artists, and in helping them to develop their career in the international arena: edition young art, with its personalised book design, creates a special platform for outstanding new artists.

We combine our passion for art and books with our expertise: Kerber Verlag provides a professional range of services to meet your personal requirements: a detailed analysis of each project and the subsequent detailed quotation, excellent editorial support and persuasive design ideas, and high-quality print technology. And the final result: your published book.

Kerber Verlag publications can be bought in good bookshops everywhere — in Germany and abroad.

Editing | Editorial Office | Translations

A team of editors and translators are available and are at our clients' disposal to provide a professional editorial service.

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Conception | Layout | Design

All our books are individually and carefully edited in accordance with the wishes and guidelines of our clients, taking the specific requirements of each respective project into consideration.
We consider ourselves as partners of our clients and of everyone involved in the editorial and production process and remain in close contact with them throughout the entire process. This is how we achieve optimal results.
Experienced and trained personnel are available for the concept, layout and design stages.

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Production | Products

Our service includes preparing estimates, editing and printing. We control the complete technical production process from start to finish and can offer a full-service package if required.
Our publications cover a wide range: paperback or hardback with and without dust jackets, English or Swiss cut flush binding, large format or pocket size, whatever you prefer. We can also provide advertising material for exhibitions and publications such as invitation cards, brochures, posters, etc.
We have our own lithography service for typesetting and printing and provide a first-class reproduction, design and printing service, operating independently from our suppliers. We always choose the most economical solution and a comprehensive advisory service is available.

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International Sales

Our products are published under the Kerber brand. We sell our products to quality art bookshops in Germany and abroad. We have an international sales network covering Europe, the USA and Asia.

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Advertising services

We are regularly represented at book fairs, especially in Frankfurt and Leipzig, often in cooperation with international stands.
High street and specialist bookshops are receive regular updates on our publications through the media, art journals and national papers. Details of exhibitions and publications are always available at www.kerberverlag.com.

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