Poetry under extreme Conditions

Regine Müller-Waldeck

Emotionale Sicherheit — Emotional Security
Regine Müller-Waldeck is the second female artist (Tina Schulz was the first) to be awarded the Saxony State Bank scholarship. This catalogue documents a new work from the artist, which will be exhibited in a project room at the Gallery for Contemporary Art in Leipzig.
This artist focuses on “the relationship between harmlessness and grace and violence and power, between perceived strangeness and the force of habit and open manipulation; and finding out where normality ends and the bizarre begins.” The Leipzig artist views her spatial installations and objects as means of communicating and of promoting dialogue with society. Often, two, initially contradictory, aspects stand in opposition to each other in her works: monumental objects are shaped from wax – a supposedly malleable material – and yet remained trapped in frozen gestures; the brutal next to the harmless. Repeatedly, the artist explores that moment when the viewer begins to question the work and when understanding begins to be called into doubt.

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"Regine Müller-Waldeck"

January 2007

ISBN 978-3-86678-043-9

19,00 x 24,00 cm

56 Pages

27 colored and 10 b/w illustrations

Softcover with flaps, bound, without dust-jacket, without slipcase

Languages: German, English

Julia Schäfer, gfzk, Leipzig

Regine Müller-Waldeck, Julia Schäfer, Britt Schlehahn, Andreas Fohrmann
The illustrated book was published on the occasion of the exhibition “Regine Müller-Waldeck – EMOTIONALE SICHERHEIT“, 2006/2007, gfzk, Leipzig.