Claudia Andujar is one of South America’s most important representatives of artistic-documentary photography.

Roger Rigorth

In Roger Rigorth’s works, longing congeals to become poignant route markers. His medium is nature; time, growing and change his themes. He strikes an arc from objects and sculptures made of natural materials to installations and bold interventions in the landscape. Rigorth develops his utopia of movement in absurd vehicles, such as, for example, boat allegories, tirelessly dancing wing mobiles or floating “beehives.” The artist is a perpetual traveler; he creates dwellings in the world through his works of art. Numerous international projects testify to his virtuoso handling of fiber, wood and stone.

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"Roger Rigorth"

ISBN 978-3-86678-963-0

24,50 x 30,00 cm

152 Pages

100 colored and 3 b/w illustrations

Hardcover, bound, with dust-jacket

Languages: German, English

Roger Rigorth and Verein für Internationale Waldkunst Darmstadt

John Grande, Ishmael von Heidrick-Barnes, Christoph B. Lukas

graphic design
Kumle \ Design, Seeheim-Jugenheim, Germany
Exhibitions: Skulpturenpark „Jardin des Arts“, beginning from 25.4.2014,  Chateaubourg/Bretagne, France
Skulpturenpark Beukenhof, beginning from 1.5.2014, Kluisenbergen, Belgium
Geumgang Nature Art Bienale, beginning from 29.8.2014, Gonju, South Korea