Berghain, Childhood Myths and Chansons

Rudolf Polanszky

Translinear Structures
This catalogue documents the work of installation and concept artist, Rudolf Polanszky, who aims to depict theoretical thought structures in his oeuvre. He works with exquisite and processed materials that inspire him to realise  abstract ideas from mathematics and science in model form: misshapen, clearly used pieces of acrylic glass, aluminium, cardboard, etc. are used to produce works of "dirty purity". The artist uses these to map a new reality, which differs from a reality that can supposedly be explained by science.

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"Rudolf Polanszky"

June 2015

ISBN 978-3-7356-0102-5

21,00 x 26,00 cm

296 Pages

151 colored and 12 b/w illustrations

Softcover with flaps, bound

Languages: German, English


Alexandra Schantl

Alexandra Schantl, Benedikt Ledebur, Dieter Buchhart, Francesco Stocchi, Rudolf Polanszky

Christoph Fuchs, Wien

May 2015;
Exhibition: „Rudolf Polanszky. Translinear Structures“, 31.5.–18.10.2015, Zeitkunst Niederösterreich, St. Pölten, Dominikanerkirche Krems