Poetry under extreme Conditions

Sinta Werner

In the pictorial space of the real

Sinta Werner’s art plays with the relationship between two- and three-dimensionality, reality and reproduction, physical presence and projection, and the interconnection of virtual and real space. In her photo-collages, installations, and sculptures, she uses the doubling of physical reality that results from illusory spaces or mirrors to produce confusion and deceive the eye. In her work, she occupies herself with the geometric rationalism of the functionally characterized architecture of modernism. This monograph is the first extensive publication on the work of Sinta Werner.

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"Sinta Werner"

December 2016

ISBN 978-3-7356-0299-2

16,80 x 24,00 cm

194 Pages

67 colored and 24 b/w illustrations

Inflexible paper, bound

with an open thread stitching

Languages: German, English

Alexander Levy
Text by
Andreas Koch, Ludwig Seyfarth, Anne van Leeuwen
Design by
form und sinn