Frank Gaudlitz (*1958) is one of the most important German photographers of today. For three decades, he has occupied himself with the transformation of Russian society and in his photos shows how much disparity there is in the country.


Adolf Fleischmann – Crossing the Boundary between Art and Medicine
With his shimmering, cheerful painting style, artist Adolf Fleischmann (1892-1968) is an important exponent of Op Art. However, he also earned his bread and butter with an unusual job: casting true-to-life wax models of clinical pictures for Zurich Cantonal Hospital. His medical career progressed in the shadow of his art, thus resulting – up to now – in separate research into Fleischmann's work. The two aspects are merged here for the first time but sufficient attention is also given to Fleischmann's nomadic life in the key art centres of Paris and New York as well as to his experiences in both World Wars.

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October 2015

ISBN 978-3-7356-0115-5

20,40 x 28,00 cm

224 Pages

161 colored and 35 b/w illustrations

Hardcover, bound, with dust-jacket

Languages: German

Marion Ruisinger, Simone Schimpf, Thomas Schnalke
Text by
Michael L. Geiges, Anna Katz, Marion Maria Ruisinger, Thomas Schnalke, Simone Schimpf, Christian Spies, Monika Weber, Renate Wiehager, Sarah Wöhler
Design by
SOFAROBOTNIK, Munich and Augsburg
Exhibition: "Surfaces. Adolf Fleischmann – Grenzgänger zwischen Kunst und Medizin" in cooperation with the Deutsches Medizinhistorisches Museum, 25 Oct. 2015 - 28 Feb. 2016, Museum für Konkrete Kunst, Ingolstadt; 28 April - 25 Sept. 2016, Berliner Medizinhistorisches Museum der Charité