Fabian Knecht changes patterns of perception and action, transgresses art concepts and power structures, and questions social relations and norms by countering them with strong and provocative images.

Sven Drühl

Collector's Edition
This Collector´s Edition is limited to ten exemplars. Each original work (lacquer on canvas, 30 x 40 cm) is signed and numbered by the artist, and comes with a companion publication, Strategien gegen Architekturen (Strategies against architecture).

Conceptually, Sven Drühl dissects visual shapes and types taken from every era from Romanticism to the present day, re-mounting them and combining them with his own motifs. Drühl reacts to the crisis of expression in post-modern painting with these transformed citations, but has purposefully not ceased to paint. His exploration of art history and his continual questioning of painting as a medium are at the heart of his oeuvre. His series of paintings are therefore not only full of tension, but impressive as well.

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"Sven Drühl"

January 2012

21,00 x 28,00 cm

80 Pages


Languages: German, English

Thomas Levy
Text by
Belinda Grace Gardner
Design by
Dorothee Heine

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