“Things can only be diverse and should be diverse,” wrote Donald Judd in 1964 about the art scene in New York, and hence rejected a one-dimensional ordering of art history in favor of an open encounter with works of art.

Sylvie Ringer

Crab, Rock, Stick, Loss
In her drawings, Sylvie Ringer moves between day-to-day life and dreams, the formed and the formless, between memory and imaginative power. The starting point for her book Crab, Rock, Stick, Loss was a stay of several years on Malcolm Island, to the north of Vancouver Island. Her drawings on paper and canvas were created in direct and intuitive communication with nature. In her haunting pictorial worlds, elements from history and legends, historical and mythological sites as well as unspoiled nature become fantastical motifs, metaphors, and symbols.
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"Sylvie Ringer"

October 2019

ISBN 978-3-7356-0586-3

23 x 33 cm

96 Pages


Languages: German, English

Text by
Belinda Grace Gardner
Design by
Gesa Hansen, Hamburg