Poetry under extreme Conditions

Tatsuhiko Yokoo

Collector's Edition
This Collector's Edition is limited to ten exemplars (book, plus mixed media work on canvas). Each mixed media work on canvas comes in a wooden frame (20 x 20 cm) and is signed by the artist.

While working, the Japanese painter Tatsuhiko Yokoo (1928-2015) moved around the canvas as if in ecstasy, pouring paint wildly and brashly, creating paintings that he called Kaze (Wind). Yokoo drew inspiration for his paintings from his deep connection with both the natural and spiritual worlds and his exploration of Asian and European schools of thought. While viewing Tatsuhiko Yokoo’s paintings, which enriched modern art with a Far Eastern perspective, one always senses moments of serenity and harmony.

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"Tatsuhiko Yokoo"

February 2010

24,00 x 31,00 cm

116 Pages


Languages: German, English

Tatsuhiko Yokoo, Kerber Verlag
Text by
Jörg Brause, Magnus Kriegeskorte, Ryuhan Nishikawa, Migaku Sato, Tatsuhiko Yokoo

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