Robert Indiana (*1928) has created some of the world’s most immediately recognizable works of art. Filled with intensely personal combinations of universal symbols—numbers and letters, stars and wheels—they are most readily associated with the Pop art movement.

The Belt of Venus and the Shadow of the Earth

Collector's Edition
This Collector's Edition consists of a signed and numbered object and the publication “The Belt of Venus and the Shadow of the Earth”. The edition is limited to 30 + 10 AP copies.

Inka (*1985, Finland) and Niclas (* 1984, Sweden) Lindergård is an awarded artist duo who works primarily with photography-based art. They have worked together since 2007 and are based in Stockholm. With starting points in popular culture their work circulates around investigations on the photograph as a carrier of an mysterious image of nature. Their series The Belt of Venus and the Shadow of the Earth revolve around performative photographic acts that can only be experienced through the photograph, an investigation into the act of taking a photograph and the camera's role as a bridge between the physical world and the photographic.


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"The Belt of Venus and the Shadow of the Earth"

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