Robert Indiana (*1928) has created some of the world’s most immediately recognizable works of art. Filled with intensely personal combinations of universal symbols—numbers and letters, stars and wheels—they are most readily associated with the Pop art movement.

Thomas Zipp

The World´s most complete Congress of Ritatin Treatments
Thomas Zipp’s artistic works always contain a diverse range of historic, sociological and psychological references, opening reservoirs of unconsciousness and linking together to form a secretly uncanny surreal existence.
This documentation shows the transformation of the Kunstraum Innsbruck into a psychedelic and ecstatic laboratory: a setting that uses sculptures, drawings, portraits, Hammond organs and other objects – arranged in a type of chapel – and searches for its inner sound through music and stage performance. Other key elements include oracles and divination and a Koren or God Helmet, as it is known, which transmits computer-controlled magnetic pulses to the visitor.

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"Thomas Zipp"

December 2011

ISBN 978-3-86678-633-2

16,00 x 22,00 cm

64 Pages

40 colored and 12 b/w illustrations

Hardcover, bound

Languages: German, English

Kunstraum Innsbruck
Text by
Veit Lörs
Design by
aldo design
Exhibition „The World´s most complete Congress of Ritatin Treatments“, 2011,  Kunstraum Innsbruck

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