The State of North Rhine-Westphalia acquired the impressive art collection of Konrad Fischer and his wife, comprising 250 works by some thirty-five artists, as well as the gallery archive, for the Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen at the beginning of 2014. The exhibition catalogue now provides a summary of Konrad Fischer’s significant life’s work.

Timm Ulrichs

Finder of images – inventor of images
The work of Timm Ulrichs covers an impressive range of genres: performative and multi-media works, sculptures, works with animals and plants as well as language works and installations. His tautologies and ambivalent insinuations in both images and text reverberate with wit and enigmatic comedy. He follows on from the concept of cross-genre creativity of the earlier Avant-garde in describing himself as a “total artist” or the “first living work of art”.
This book presents an beautifully designed and comprehensive view of Timm Ulrich’s oeuvre since the 1950s. It presents a great number of previously unpublished works, thus providing a new and profound view of the fascinating art cosmos of Timm Ulrich.

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"Timm Ulrichs"

October 2013

ISBN 978-3-86678-799-5

16,80 x 23,00 cm

306 Pages

218 colored and 64 b/w illustrations

Hardcover with clothbound, bound

two swiss brochures with hardcover

Languages: German


Amely Deiss, Tobias Hoffmann, Stiftung für Konkrete Kunst und Design Ingolstadt

Amely Deiss, Rasmus Kleine, Gerhard Pfennig, Timm Ulrichs, Peter Weibel

graphic design

Exhibition: “Timm Ulrichs. Bilder-Finder – Bild-Erfinder”, 2.12.2012 – 17.2.2013, Museum für Konkrete Kunst, Ingolstadt